Van Liners and Trunk Flooring

Van or Trunk Flooring has below features:

  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Longer lifespan


Traditional van liners are of wooden material. PP Honeycomb Sheets are now replacing it, as it’s light weight, durable, fire retardant. They can protect he appearance of both inner and outer side.

Same as PP Corrugated Sheets, they’re also waterproof, don’t get rusty, and easy to clean, helping you always keep a nice circumstance in the car.


Many customers prefer to add some lamination on the surface, you can also choose yours. OR, if you’re a minimalism and advocate concise, I suggest a standard Bubble Guard Board would work.

Cost Effective Products

If you’re searching a cost effective product for floor protection(especially for home appliance, construction site, etc) , plz CLICK HERE超链至另一应用(Floor Protection) to check our PP Corrugated Sheet.