Information Needed for Accurate Quotation

Our Corrugated Plastic Products are mostly OEM products, not with regular size, so we don’t have a price list as other industries.

If you just have an idea and want us to help fulfill it, please check as below:


Most important is to confirm which kind of category you need. We’re a manufacturer focusing on PP Material Plastic Sheets and Boxes. In specific, we offer Plastic Corrugated Sheets, Plastic Corrugated Boxes, Plastic Corrugated Partitions, PP Honeycomb Sheets, Sleeve Containers, etc.

They also have a lot of other nicknames, for example, PP Hollow Sheets, Coroplast Sheets, Corflute Sheets, etc. We could send you pictures to confirm.


It’ll be better for us to know what kind of applications you will use, so that we can recommend about the details, for example, thickness and GSM.

The plastic corrugated sheets and pp honeycomb sheets can be used as Sign Board, Layer Pad, Sneeze Guard, Floor Protection, Trunk Liners and Flooring. The boxes can pack fruits and vegetables, pizza, documents, seafood, etc. And the Sleeve Container are usually used for storage and transportation.

We’re the factory, so we can make OEM products for you. There are companies ask for plastic wardrobes from us, and we can supply more for your new applications.


This is a must know factor. We need to know it as W*L(for sheets), as the length is limitless, but the normal width is usually 1.8 meters maximum. And for the boxes, we need to know as L*W*H, the width and height couldn’t be mixed, because the calculating of the area will change when the W and H swifts.

Kindly note, please inform us are the figures inner size or outer size? As you can imagine, it differs the price. If you need enough space for the products put inside, then send us inner size. If you want the box to be layed in fixed space, then send us outer size.

4.Specifications for your Choice

Print Service Availables
Packing Method By Pallets, PE Film Wrapped
Thickness 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12mm
Function Normal, Anti UV, Conductive, Anti-Static, Flame Retardant, etc
Color White, Blue, Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Transparent, etc

5.Special Requirements

What’s the loading capacity? Is it stackable? These will influence the thickness and GSM, also, it may change the style. And do you need any accessories? For example, the Handles can make the movement quite easy; The Velcros help you to open and close the box easily, without using any tapes; The Strengthen Bars can make the box more durable and afford more weight; If you don’t want us to use rivets to connect the sheets into boxes, we can also use ultrasonic connection, etc.

Please include any other info you want us to know.


Different quantities will have different prices. Especially if you need accurate FOB or CNF quotation, the quantity is crucial for us, and for freight agent to quote us about the freight cost.

Thank you for your time! We really appreciate it, and will make OEM products as you required!