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Correx Recycling Bin

Recycle Trash Bins

The standard recycling bin is a large HSC with a custom lid.

It can come with wire reinforcement and a lay flat bottom.

Improved designs are also available.

Mainly used for waste management like waste collection and waste sorting.


Popular Thickness:

  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm

Popular Sizes(Inch):

  • 15x15x30
  • 20x17x38
  • 17.5×17.5×32
  • 19.5X11.5X38
  • 19.5X15X38
  • 19.5X11.5X36

Custom Size, Style, Color, Thickness and Logo Printing are available.


  • Knockdown Design.
  • Ships flat, easy assembly.
  • Lightweight and portable, durable.
  • Recommended Lid—Circle Opening.
  • Wrapped Hand Holes For Easier Handling.
  • Perfect for temporary recycling or even decoration box for trade shows, outdoor festivals, sporting events, etc.
  • They can be used for recycling cans, glass, paper, waste, bottle, plastic bags, clothes, or anything else you need to collect.
  • Can be used in homes, offices, government buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, exhibitions, shopping malls, organizations, etc.
  • They are a perfect replacement for your recycling program than a cheap cardboard bin, and are also less expensive than hard plastic, metal, or wooden bins.


  • Cost effective
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant
  • Quick and easy to assemble & fold
  • Nontoxic and resistant to chemicals
  • Tear, puncture & high-impact restraint
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Reusable, can be used many times, long time working life.
  • Strong and durable yet lightweight compared to all other plastic bins.

Multiple Nicknames

Corrugated Plastic Recycling Bins can also be called as below:

  • Recycling Bins
  • Plastic Trash Cans
  • Plastic Recycle Bins
  • PP Recycling Bins
  • Recycling Containers
  • Corrugated Plastic Trash Cans
  • Recyclable Waste Separation Bins
  • Foldable Plastic Recycling Bin Container

Lightning Round

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