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Corrugated Plastic Boxes Manufacturer

  • We’re the professional manufacture of Corrugated Plastic Boxes since 2010.
  • We mainly export to UK, USA, UAE, European Countries, etc.
  • We supplied to P&G, Sumsung, JALA, JA Solar, etc.

Retail + Bulk Order

Custom Size, Style, Color, Thickness and Logo Printing Available.

Different Styles For Your Choice

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Standard Corrugated Plastic Box

Perfect reusable packaging replacement of corrugated cardboards.

Could have a much better longevity.

Corrugated Plastic Mail Tray

Originally made for USPS, the mail totes are great for storing and delivering mails.

Can also be applied for small parcels that have less weight.

Plastic Corrugated Knockdown Tray

Mostly used as internal material handling.

Hygienic fiber-free tray to transport your products cleanly and safely.

Plastic Corrugated Fruit Box

Customers usually use them to carry asparagus, grapes, broccolis, tropical fruits, etc.

Perfect for storage and delivery of fruits and vegetables, and many other fresh produce.

Plastic Corrugated File Box

The file box with lid is a great solution for storage of files and documents.

Can also be used as Textile Storage Boxes.

Correx Picking Bin

The sloping front style makes it easy for you to access items inside

Mainly used on the shelves in the office or warehouse for static storage.

Coroplast Seafood Box

Cost effective packaging solutions for seafood, meat and poultry, etc.

Very important for any product need to be shipped in a wet or fiber free environment.

Correx Nuc Box

Can be used as the facilitation of seasonal bumblebee hives.

Will not fail under bad weather conditions compared with paperboard or wooden box.

Coroplast Tree Defender

Helps tree growth with increased survival rates.

Protect the tree or plant or crop from the weather and animals.

Correx Medical Box

Ideal for storage and handling. Can protect medical product and equipment.

Color coding and divider organization helps save time and better utilize lab storage.

Correx Recycling Bin

The standard recycling bin is a large HSC with a custom lid.

Improved designs are also available.

Coroplast Sneeze Guard

Lightweight study carrels for privacy.

Freestanding desk shields guard against germs.

Correx Disposal Box

Special length correx box with tab locks and handles.

Perfect for storage and transport of long items like tubes and blankets.

Coroplast Portfolio

Coroplast Portfolios can be used to carry artwork or presentation material.

They’re also great for promotional items and project management use.

Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Made from Polypropylene, it’s extruded plastic sheet.

Perfect for making Corrugated Plastic Boxes.

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Tips For Your Purchase

1. Company

  • What type is the company, is it a real factory who extrude, die cut, pack all by themselves, OR, just buy from original and then sell?
  • What’s the structure of their operating cost?
  • And how many profits they want to get?

2. Product

  • Is it 100% raw material?
  • Is it standard color or special color?
  • What’s the quantity you will purchase?
  • What’s the GSM for the same thickness?
  • Do you need special functions like Flame Retardant, Anti UV, Anti Static?
  • Do you need standard packing with PE Film Wrapped, or with Plastic Pallets?
  • Do you need extra treatments like edge sealed, round corner, corona treated etc?
  • Do you need accessories like velcros, handles, card pockets, fixing corners, strengthen bars, etc?
  • Do you need printing? How many colors will there be? Is the content just few simple words or complicate drawing?

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1. Company

  • What type is the company, what’s their lowest price to balance their cost?
  • Do they sacrifice quality to offer a lower price to get your order?
  • Do they only accept bulk orders, or retail orders are also welcomed?
  • Can they finish the production quickly and offer you a good lead time?
  • Can they offer free samples for your test?
  • Are they near the loading ports so that you will have less transportation cost?
  • Are they always on time or frequently tell you the delays in delivery?

2. Salesperson

  • Are they reliable? Can they be your trustworthy partner?
  • Do they reply your emails or messages fast?
  • Can they help you to deal with upcoming issues?
  • Can they have a good follow-up so that you can worry less?
  • Are they professional and understand your requirements easily and totally?
  • Will you enjoy a fluent and smooth communication during the whole precedure?
  • Will they let you know any changes or will they make decisions by themselves?

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More Details You May Be Interested

  • In America and Canada it’s mainly called Coroplast Box.
  • In UK and South Africa it’s mainly called Correx Box.
  • In Malaysia and India it’s mainly called PP Hollow Box.
  • In Australia and New Zealand it’s mainly called Corflute Box.
  • In Mexico and other Latin America countries it’s mainly called Plastico Corrugado Caja.
  • It also has other nicknames, such as Fluted Box, Plastic Cardboard Box, etc.
DifferencePlastic Corrugated BoxCarton Box
Water Proof×
Anti Static×
Bend & Recover★★★★★★★
Weight Capacity★★★★★★★★★
ColorAny Color1 Color
Life Span≥50 times≥5 times

Our Corrugated Plastic Boxes can be used in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Agricultural & Gardening
  • Education
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Horticulture
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recreation
  • Sign & Graphic
  • Packaging
  • Industrial
  • Frozen Food Packaging
  • Fruit & Vegetable
  • Logistics Packaging
  • Chilled Food Packaging
  • Metal and steel
  • Electronics and OEMs
  • Bottles & Beverage
  • Snack Food Distribution
  • Government
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Shipping and Distribution
  • Trees & Plants
  • Ceramic
  • Voting Booth
  • Compartment
  • Cable
  • Textile
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Heavy Truck
  • Housewares & Appliances
  • Mass Transportation
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Pet Products
  • Moving and Storage
  • Office Supply
  • Storage & Warehousing
  • Waste Collection

1.100% Recyclable

Made from 100% recyclable raw material, the Corrugated Plastic Box can be recycled into different plastic products over again.

2.Environmentally friendly

Plastic corrugated Boxes have no bad influence on the environment. It can be disposed without any pollution.


Because of this feature, Corrugated Plastic Boxes can be perfect for fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, or seafoods that may have water during the transportation.


Corrugated Plastic Boxes usually have 5X longer lifespan than Cardboard Boxes.

5.Light Weight

Plastic Corrugated Boxes are much lighter than Solid Plastic Boxes, this can save the transport cost, and makes the unloading of the products more easier.

6.Perfect Usage

Same as Cardboard Boxes, plastic corrugated box can be stapled, die-cut, scored,  folded & drilled. They can also be welded and laminated.

7.Lower Mold Cost

It’s always easy for us to make new molds for customers. And the Mold Cost is far more lower than other plastic boxes.

  • Home
  • Office
  • School
  • Bank
  • Garden
  • Clinic
  • Warehouse
  • Supermarket
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Construction Site

Below you can see many special functions we can make for you in short, here is the detailed clarifications:

1.Sonic & Heat Welding makes your Corrugated Plastic Boxes look much more beautiful. What’s more important, it will not crash your products inside, or gets rusty gradually.

2.Corona Treated ensure better adhesion of ink, most adhesives.

3.Fire-retardant Corrugated Plastic Sheet has much less combustion rate than standard corrugated sheet, meeting the UL 94 HB flame class requirements for fire retardancy.

4.This creates an additional barrier for not only external temperature changes but against dust, dirt and water from both in and outside of the product.

5.Conductive products are seldom to see. But if you have this need, we can also make it for you with some amount.

6.ESD Safe (electro static discharge), to prevent static electricity.

7.Ultraviolet (UV) resistance helps better longevity outdoors.

8.Spunbond, Brushed Nylon, Evolon, Microfiber Brushed Suede, Volara & Tyvek


Master Cartons, Packaging For Glass, Delicate items, Chin aware, Lab ware, Auto parts, Electric & Electronics


Polypropylene corrugated sheets are widely used in the automobile industry. They can be used as separators to protect products and also as the inner or outer packaging.

3.Waste Collection

Waste Collection Bins from PP Corrugated Sheet is the most suitable way to collect the reusable wastes. It’s much cheaper than Injection Mouded Bins, and much lighter than Acrylic Bins.

4.Fruit & Vegetable

Reusable, Waterproof, Foldable and Stackable makes Plastic Corrugated Boxes perfect for transport of fruits and vegetables or other foods.

5.Storage & Warehousing

Corrugated Plastic Boxes are upgraded versions of cardboard archive boxes. They have higher protection impact and longer lifespan.

Corrugated Plastic Products are usually packed in 2 ways.

1.In Bulk

If you need to save space and freight cost, we suggest you could use the standard in bulk packing.

We’ll use PE Film to wrap the sheets or boxes, usually 20-50 pieces per pack, depending on the thickness.

2.With Pallet

If you need to save labor cost and easy load and unload of the products, packing with plastic pallets would be a good option.

We can supply standard pallets sizes such as 1.1×1.1 and 1.0×1.2 m. Loading quantity could be calculated for you.

What You Can Get

From Our Company

     Hi! We’re YF! We can supply you:

  • 7-Day Delivery Time
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Cost Effective Price
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Professional Product Knowledge

From Rachel

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  • 7-24 Reply
  • 1-hour Response Rate
  • Trustworthy Partner
  • Fluent Communication
  • Balance our factory and my customers well

Your Companions

We have delivered bespoke solutions for a lot of clients, including


JA Solar

Bao Steel



Samsung Partner
JA Solar Partner
Baosteel Partner
Volvo Partner
P&G Partner



We’re a professional manufacturer since 2010.

Usually we can finish a 40HQ in 7 days. 

This depends on the items you need, and the situation of our production line.

Our factory based in Wuxi City.

It’s about 2 hours away from Shanghai Airport and Sea Port.

Usually our reply will come within 1-3 hours during workdays.

At the weekend, it often come within a day.

In Rachel’s opinion, no matter life or business, reliable personality of a partner is most important.

A good service can save your time and keep you from upset.

And we’re proud that our customers are quite satisfied in this part.


For one thing, as manufacturer, we can offer better price for same quality.

For another, we’d like to share the profits with our customers, to keep a win-win cooperation.


EXW,FCA,FOB,CNF,CIF,DDP are all available.

Other Trade Terms negotiable.


We’ve been in this industry since 2010.

With the rich experience and cooperation with different customers, we can offer you professional solutions.

Yes for some customers.

In some countries such as America, Door To Door is also available.

This could help even if you don’t have import licence.


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