Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Corrugated Plastic Sheets can be produced as Plastic Corrugated Boxes because:

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Light Weight
  • Tapeless
  • Easy Assemble


  • Coroplast Boxes
  • Correx Boxes
  • Corflute Boxes
  • Corrugated Plastic Totes
  • Corrugated Plastic Containers

Plastic Boxes VS Carton Boxes

Difference Corrugated Plastic Box Carton Box
Picture Corrugated Plastic Boxes Cover Paper Carton Box
Water Proof Yes No
Fireproof Yes No
Anti Static Yes No
Conductive Yes No
Anti-corrosion Yes No
Life Span ≥50 times ≥5 times
Weight Capacity Good Normal
Toughness Good Normal
Bend & Recover Good Normal
Color Any color you require 1 Color


Different Styles

We can also make the 100% virgin Corrugated Polypropylene Sheets into Boxes, Bins, Totes. And boxes have more applications, such as Fruit and Vegetable Box, Pet Carrier, Tree Guard, Flyer Box, Storage Box, Turnover Box, etc. They can also be used for Packaging, Automotive Parts, Warehouse Organization, logistic turnover.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes Cover

Normal Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Plastic Partitions with Layer Pads

Corrugated Box with Partitions

Grey Folded Plastic Box

Foldable Plastic Box

Plastic Corrugated Box with Aluminum Frame

Plastic Box with Aluminum Frame

Self Locking Gift Box

Self Locking Gift Box

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