Plastic Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Plastic Sheets can also be converted into:

  • dividers
  • boxes with dividers

They can also be called Plastic Corrugated Partitions, PP Hollow Separators.


If you have the design chart, please send to us, and we’ll make exactly as you required. If not, we can also design it for you, which will be free of charge.


Everyone prefers to work with customers who have great quantities, so do we. But meanwhile, we also would like to support customers with few quantities as a start, OR, a sample to check quality first.

Extra Functions

All our corrugated plastic sheets can have various functions as Anti UV, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, etc.

PS: We suggest the ordinary packaging boxes are enough, please choose these functions when it’s really necessary, to save cost for you.

VS Paper Cardboard

We have customers who choose paper cardboard at first, then found it easily broken, and get moisture at damp weather. When put aside, everything is ok. When any moves, the paper cardboard can’t protect that well. And the damage to the products(for example, electronic products like LCD monitors) brings far higher cost than plastic corrugated partitions.

Because of its flexible and nice bending feature, corrugated plastic partitions can protect your products better than paper. Also, using the PP Corrugated Dividers, you don’t need to purchase frequently, and enjoy more leisure.

Different Applications of Plastic Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Plastic Partitions can be used as Tools Dividers, Interior Protection of Bottles, Glasses, LCD Screens, Electronic Products, etc.