PP Honeycomb Sheets

PP Honeycomb Sheets are also a kind of polypropylene, but:

  • With higher strength
  • With higher durability
  • Middle layer structure is different

It has other names such as Bubble Guard Sheet, PP Honeycomb Boards, Plastic Honeycomb Panels, etc.


While Corrugated Plastic Sheet is 2 walls connected by vertical ribs, which is “I” type, PP Bubble Guard Board is a special honeycomb structure by thermo forming.

Sealed Edge

Edge Sealing is also available, just let us know if you want it to be flat or round.

Impact Resistance

It’s more expensive than corrugated plastic panels, so you can imagine its impact resistant performance could be quite nice.


If you have special requirements about surface lamination or embossed, we can also customize for you.

Extra Functions

Similar as our corrugated plastic sheets, our pp bubble guard sheets can also have various functions as below:
Anti UV, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, etc.

Different Applications of our PP Honeycomb Sheets

It shares similar applications as corrugated plastic sheets. For example, Van Liners, Trunk Floor, Van Flooring, Wall and Floor Protection, interior protection for cars, etc.

PP Honeycomb Van Liners

Van Liners and Trunk Flooring