Plastic Pallet Sleeve Containers

The Pallet Sleeve Container is also called:

  • Pallet Sleeve Box
  • Plastic Bulk Container
  • Pallet Sleeve
  • etc

It is made up by 3 parts:

  • Lid
  • Sleeve
  • Pallet

Same as Corrugated Plastic Box, the sleeve can be foldable and collapse when empty or during delivery, which can greatly save the transport cost.

Light Weight

The lid and pallet are same or even lighter as the traditional bulk container, but the sleeve are much lighter, so the self-weight of the whole set is only about 30% as heavy as original. This makes it quite easy to hold and move about.

Easy to assemble

A male worker can assemble them without any problem. If you have 2 persons, I guess children can also handle that.

How to Assemble

how to assemble sleeve container


We all know warehouse charge or cost you a lot. Sometimes you just don’t have enough space to hold all the products. Vertical space is what we should use. Our Stackable/Nestable Pallet Sleeve Box can efficiently help you.


Worried about accidents that might make the Bulk Container to lean and all products inside fall out? We can add interlocking function on both lid and pallet. They will always be together as a whole part, unless you unlock them.

Popular Sizes

Many sizes are just as standard as normal wooden or other plastic pallets, which is most convenient. But if you have special needs for the size(especially the sleeves), we can also customize for you.

Separate Sales

We’ve got customers who can produce the lids and pallets by themselves, so they only need our PP Honeycomb Sleeves. This is totally ok for us, we don’t bundle sell our products. If you buy in whole set, we prefer that. If you buy just what you need to replace, we’d love to lower your cost. Personally, we also want to have less waste, so as to contribute to our  environment.

Specifications needed for quotation

The specifications we need includes at least as below:

Color of the sleeve

Internal and External dimensions(L*W*H)

Static and dynamic loading capacity

With locks or without locks

With window or without window

With lable or without lable, etc.

The more detailed information, the more accurate suggestion and quotation we can offer.

Different Applications of Pallet Sleeve Containers

Used as Storage Box, Turnover Box, Transportation Box, especially in Automotive Industry, etc.